Autumn arrived and with the first cold days this blog also started. We'll start with the base because of the haramaki and the as Of the brand. And with each article we will discover much more, about haramakis and hugs, health and sustainable fashion, local projects, women's stories... Welcome!

What is it about haramaki that makes it so special?

With a haramaki you feel an intimate comfort, a soft embrace that keeps the heat constant in the center of the body. The abdomen and lower back are protected from the cold, you feel comfortable and well cared for. Goodbye colds due to sudden changes in temperature! Haramaki is the most elegant and comfortable way to take care of yourself, something that in Japan has dominated for centuries .

Some people prefer to use it only to sleep or only to do yoga... but the truth is that haramaki is an ideal complement for 24 hours a day. Perfect for any occasion: at work, during menstruation, on bike rides, while breastfeeding... Everyone should have at least one haramaki in their closet! And that's why Happy Belly Barcelona was born .

Adding in positive

The recipe is simple:

  • Design adapted to the local anatomy and sizes for all bodies.
  • Good certified organic cotton fabrics, with a point of elastane so that it recovers its shape after washing.
  • Experienced sewing workshops that take care of detail in the finishes and dedicate part of their hours to training women at risk of exclusion.
  • A local production that respects the environment and the people involved in its production.
  • Some communication and publicity and above all, a great desire to convey how absolutely great it is to wear this fabric hug around the body.

More reasons to use haramaki

Although everyone will have their own individuals, here are some reasons to put a haramaki in your life:

  • it is useful, comfortable and easy to carry
  • It is unisex, it adapts to all bodies and ages
  • It is healthy: it protects the immune system, relieves lower back pain, difficult digestion, painful periods...
  • It is an original fashion accessory that combines with all kinds of clothes

Now all that remains is to browse through the collections of haramakis for this season and choose between the reversible haramakis , of two colors, or the basic haramaki of a single colour. And enjoy his warm hug!

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