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Daura Afonso

"When I got to know the brand and the philosophy of work and social responsibility behind it, I knew it was the right decision to bring these products to the people of the Canary Islands. We started with Haramaki, a product I had known and used for many years. And it was a great success. Then the mittens and turbans. At Happy Belly they are always thinking about how to improve the service to the distributor, make things easier and support you to grow. As a distributor, I am proud to offer my customers a product from a brand with values and processes that are fair and responsible with the environment and people. "

Daura Afonso
Distributor to Canary Islands

Gloria Figueras

"We are delighted to offer Happy Belly Barcelona's haramakis in our shop. Their super-soft products, as well as offering health benefits, are made with a lot of love. A brand with courage and social commitment, values that we share".


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