About Happy Belly

At Happy Belly Barcelona we recover ancestral traditions linked to people's health and well-being and update them with a cosmopolitan design.


Who are we?

We are a healthy fashion brand born in 2019 from the discovery of haramaki.

At Happy Belly Barcelona we want you to take care of your health when you get dressed and connect with the innate wisdom of the body. To do this, we design fashion accessories inspired by ancestral traditions linked to well-being.

We believe that innovation and design are essential to update pieces that benefit your health, that's why our patterns adapt to different bodies and ages, we use natural fabrics and we follow sustainable manufacturing processes.

our reason for being

Healthy fashion

  1. WHY we exist: we want people to take care of their health also when they dress, we create healthy fashion for a conscious lifestyle, because we want whoever wears our products to click with the innate wisdom of the body.
  2. HOW we do it: recovering garments with health benefits from tradition, updating their design with sustainable materials, betting on local production with social impact and environmental commitment
  3. WHAT we offer: comfortable and comfortable fashion accessories and garments, easy to wear, with original designs, for all ages, of good quality and long-lasting over time
What motivates us

Our values

  • We believe that loving and caring for oneself are the best prevention for health
  • We enjoy beauty and good design, that is, that it is useful
  • We are committed to quality, networking and local synergy
  • We fight for sustainable production and conscious consumption
  • What is original and different loses us if it is authentic and honest
network synergy

Common welfare

We fight fast fashion and are committed to a km0 production that economically benefits those who make it possible. This makes our product catalog more expensive and limits our production but guarantees quality and decent working conditions. In addition, the negative environmental impact of transport from distant places and the impact on the carbon footprint are reduced.

We belong to the Association of Sustainable Fashion of Barcelona to change the fashion industry and make it more ethical, ecological and free.

Our collaborators and suppliers are also local because we believe that promoting the local economy is the future.

Happy Belly in the press

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If you are interested in our product catalog, you can consult the professional pages that we have created with information for stores (Distribution section) and for brand ambassadors (Affiliate Program section).

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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