Discover the Haramaki

The Happy Belly haramaki is a soft-touch fabric band that collects body heat and prevents sudden changes in temperature, providing a pleasant feeling of sustained hug.

Japanese tradition

The word 'Hara-Maki' comes from Japanese: the hara is the central part of the body (the trunk) and maki means roll or roll.

The origin of the haramaki goes back to the Shinto rituals of the Japanese Empire. When a soldier went to fight, he received a senninbari or belt from the women of the family and the village; Together they contributed to sew it with a stitch until they completed "the belt of 1,000 points." The senninbari provided warmth to the soldier and served as a protective amulet against the dangers of war.

Nowadays, wearing a haramaki around the waist also conveys confidence and seclusion while providing numerous health benefits. At Happy Belly Barcelona we have adapted the Japanese pattern to turn it into an original fashion accessory that can be worn 24 hours a day and combined with all kinds of clothing.

Benefits of Haramaki

When you wear a haramaki, blood circulation increases throughout the waist area, right in the area where the main organs are located, benefiting their functioning and transmitting a pleasant feeling of well-being.


Protects from the cold and maintains constant heat in the kidneys, abdomen and lower back. Insulates from moisture and drafts.


Promotes blood circulation and the proper functioning of the main organs. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and strengthen the immune system.


Conveys security and trust. The feeling of recollection connects you with your energy center (hara) and you become aware of the posture of your body.


Recommended in fertility treatments and painful periods. It accompanies during pregnancy, helps in postpartum recovery and facilitates breastfeeding.


You collaborate with a social and local project, respectful of people and the environment.


Presentation for the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week event

Enjoy your Haramaki 24 hours

There are many times of the day where you can use your haramaki! While you work, playing sports, sleeping or enjoying a moment of calm at home

Cold days

You take advantage of your own heat, activate circulation in the center of the body and prevent you from getting cold feet due to temperature changes.

Do you need pampering?

It accompanies you discomfort in the lower back or abdomen, during menstruation, flu states, heavy digestions, tiredness...


Prevents the lower back and stomach from getting cold during and after physical activity: yoga, dancing, hiking, bike rides or motorcycle trips.

When you sleep

You won't wake up if you uncover! With the haramaki you maintain a constant body temperature and gain comfort during sleeping hours.

Total look

If you wear it visible combined with the rest of the clothes, it is an original fashion accessory that adds color and completes your outfit .


How do we make the haramaki?

At Happy Belly Barcelona, ​​we take care of you and the environment with each garment we create. That is why we claim a conscious and ethical fashion:

  • Local production, small collections and attention to quality.
  • All our garments are made in Barcelona and the fabrics are from European suppliers to minimize the carbon footprint.
  • We sew in social workshops promoting the training of women at risk of exclusion.
  • We use certified fabrics and toxic-free dyes.
  • We work on circularity and give a second life to waste and garments.

Word from #haramakilover


"My friend Yoshiko had told me about the haramaki and she had commented that it was surprising that Western women did not use them since in Japan, both in winter and in summer, almost all women use them. She told me that it was very important , especially for women, having this area of ​​the lower abdomen and lower back, always hot."


"I did not know haramakis until one day one came into my hands. Since then I have been addicted to it, especially on cold days, I do not take it off to sleep, to meditate and during menstruation. I feel that my abdominal part "collects" and lower back, giving me a really warm hug. And I love its texture, so nice! From not knowing what a haramaki was, to recommending it to family and friends. Thank you for these happy moments!"


"Since I used the haramaki for the first time in my Shiatsu sessions, it has become an essential piece. The haramaki gives you support in the central part of the body, which is like protection, reinforces you and allows you a better quality I would recommend it to my patients in stressful situations, to release both physical and emotional tension loads and to give the body space, release anxiety and find a moment for oneself."


“I use it a lot in winter to sleep. It always made me very cold when my shirt rode up at night when I slept and with the haramaki I don't get cold. The feeling on the skin is very pleasant, it doesn't make me sweat. I also use it in winter and at the beginning of spring, to do yoga in the morning so that the shirt doesn't bother me in inverted postures.”


"What I enjoy most when I put on Haramaki is the automatic awareness I put on my back, belly, lower back, and my posture in general. This makes me seek to have better posture throughout the day. It also makes me realize my belly and I have to take care of my diet!"


“Haramaki has become essential for me, especially during ovulation and menstruation. It soothes and calms my pain. In addition to the feeling of coziness and “warmth” on cold days. “Ideal to give as a gift this Christmas.”

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