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In addition to purchasing on the Happy Belly Barcelona website, you can find our products in the following stores and centers linked to health and well-being. 
If you have a business and think that our proposal fits you, contact us through the Distribution section.



It is a beautiful physical and online store of alternative and reusable everyday products, specializing in cloth diapers. Located in the heart of the Gràcia neighbourhood, DeTela has spent 8 years advising families on the use of cloth diapers, and incorporating sustainable, reusable and environmentally friendly products, promoting the responsible use of resources.

laia Papió


A clothing brand designed and manufactured in Barcelona for the modern, dynamic and empowered woman. Laia Papió was born from the need to manufacture clothes in a sustainable and local way and at the same time offer personalized attention. We want our pieces to be a weapon of empowerment for our dear customers.



Our fort is the undergarment of cotó orgànic (socks, calçotets, sustenadores, mitjons, samarretes interiores…) but you will also find casual wear, sportswear made of plain merino, pajamas, etc. A large window of products is directed at people with skin pathologies, and for all those who generally consume in a more healthy and respectful way.

El Taller del Benestar


It is a center of therapies and holistic bioesthetics on care and accompaniment to the path to consciousness and self-healing. 

La Rambla Lingerie

Santa Coloma de Farners, Girona

Interior trash can for a dona i home.

Namoa Wellness


Holistic center where we prioritize improving the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our students, through yoga classes, meditation, acupuncture, energy therapies and personalized rehabilitation and training sessions.

Querido Planeta


Bulk store for food, cleaning, and zero waste (with all kinds of alternative products to plastic) and cosmetics, hygiene, home...

Pura Vida Ecocenter

A Coruña

Alternative living space where you can find sustainable fashion, crafts, cosmetics and food.

22Meraki Store


Decoration, fashion and accessories with magic.

María Zazo Yoga

Palma de Mallorca

We are a Yoga center and our specialty is Yoga for Pregnant Women. In the sessions we use the techniques of: Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hormonal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Fascial Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation. We do postpartum recovery with Hypopressives and Hypopressives with babies and HípopreYoga®.

Daura Afonso

Santa Cruz de Tenerife


"Una comunidad de humanas apasionada por recuperar sus raíces, su poder, su bienestar a través del movimiento consciente, el contacto con la naturaleza, los encuentros y charlas temáticas, el canto, el baile y la lectura" -Daura


La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

ESTIRARTE, is a project created with love and detail, where our objective is to have a personalized treatment with those people who want to move, our groups are a maximum of three people. We work with Body balanced pilates machines and we never stop continuing to train, so that our classes are dynamic and different.


Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Portage and breeding. “From our own maternity we have decided to live in a healthier, respectful and kinder way with everyone. We have discovered another style of parenting, food, play, fashion, leisure, hygiene... more ecological and conscious. And from that feeling and experience LOVErde is born, a friendly space to bring you everything we like.”

Mamma Natura

Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Find with us a selection of the best Zero Waste, Natural Parenting, Ergonomic Carrying, Breastfeeding products... We are carrying and breastfeeding advisers with a free support group.

Distributor in the Canary Islands

Daura Afonso

Sales to the Canary Islands contact Daura Afonso.

A community of humans passionate about recovering their roots, their power, their well-being through conscious movement, contact with nature, meetings and thematic talks, singing, dancing and reading.

Pick up point

El Girasol

Sant Pere de Ribes, Garraf

C/Ildefons Cerdà 48
Mornings, Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Afternoons, Monday to Friday, from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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