Tailor made Haramaki

At Happy Belly we are excited to offer you two custom haramaki making service options that will allow you to express your personality and ensure a perfect fit. Discover the comfort and style of a haramaki designed exclusively for you!

Option 1: Color Customization

Do you have a color combination in mind that you can't find in our catalog? Don't worry, we give you the possibility to choose your favorite colors from our current palette: from vibrant colors to soft and elegant tones. Get inspired and you will be able to create a unique haramaki that reflects your personal style.

How to do it? Write to us telling us the haramaki you want. We will need the following three pieces of information:

  1. Adult SIZE: XS, S, M, L, XL
  2. Haramaki HEIGHT: regular / extra long
  3. COLOR: one color / two colors

We will evaluate your request and provide you with a quote and delivery time for your personalized creation.

Option 2: Custom Sizing

A custom haramaki not only looks good, it also fits perfectly. If the adult sizes we offer don't fit you, with this custom sizing service you will have an optimal fit for your haramaki.

Check the image where we show how to take the three measurements of your body that we need:

  1. Waist circumference
  2. Abdominal circumference
  3. Hip circumference

Once you have these three measurements in cm you write us indicating what color haramaki you want (unicolor or reversible) and your measurements.

In the workshop we will evaluate the information to create a haramaki that fits comfortably to your body and we will provide you with the budget and delivery time.

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