The Haramaki in your business

If you are a health and natural therapy professional and have a consultation.
If you teach yoga, pilates, martial arts or meditation techniques.
If you have a profile on social networks with a community interested in well-being, conscious living, sustainable fashion or fair trade.
If you want to make our products known to your patients or followers and also obtain a benefit for it.
If you are aligned with our values ​​and way of approaching life...

You will like the Happy Belly Affiliate program :)

What is an Affiliate Program?

It is the way that you, as a health, fashion or social media professional, collaborate by recommending our products and benefit financially from it. You do not need to store stock or pay for campaigns, we just want you to help us, as an expert, to make ourselves known.

We have seen that almost 64% of the buyers of our haramakis recommend it and/or give it as a gift to their friends and family. Following this "word of mouth" dynamic, we believe that there is no better purchase than the one that is recommended by someone who cares about you.

That's where you, as an affiliate or "brand ambassador" come in to collaborate with Happy Belly.

How can I add value to Happy Belly?

Your patients, students or followers on social networks are a solid community that value your experience and your criteria.

Our idea when joining is that you get to know our products and share your feelings with them, adding your own arguments to our value proposition. Whether it is because of your personal experience with haramaki, or because of your knowledge of its multiple benefits at a professional level, we want to have your approach.

How do I benefit as a member?

Through a personalized code you can provide your patients, students or followers on social networks, a discount in our online store. For each sale made with your code, you will earn a commission that varies depending on the volume of sales.

Besides ...

  • you will gain visibility through our networks and promotional actions
  • you will retain your community by providing a discount in our store
  • You will be able to participate in Happy Belly promotional actions, such as workshops or face-to-face meetings, to make yourself known and expand your clientele
If I'm interested in trying it, how do I start?

As easy as filling in the form that you will find at the bottom of this page. Tell us who you are and why you think our products can fit into your business.

Once we assess your profile, we will contact you to hold an interview in person -if you are in the Barcelona area- or if not, we will do it by videoconference. We believe in personal synergy and love at first sight, so this step will be essential to participate in the program.

Dr. Gina Oller

"I loved the haramaki! It envelops me loosely and takes care of me. Apart from using it in the cold months, when I have computer workdays I also take it to be aware of my body. In fact, in my online visits to patients, it's I usually wear it!"

Embryologist and psychologist expert in fertility and reproduction

Marta León

"I'm delighted. And I'm not exaggerating anything. I love it because it not only picks up my lower abdomen but also because of the containment it provides. It doesn't squeeze anything but it maintains a very pleasant hold that goes great when you're on your period. And what I like the most is What I like is that it helps to preserve heat in the area and when we menstruate it is convenient for us to keep the entire region of the ovaries warm and with the haramaki it is achieved for as long as you wear it."

Expert in nutrition and female hormonal health

Judit Càmara

"He recommends everyone at this time of year and with more emphasis on those who have lower back pain, digestive problems that aggravate the scalp, fredoliques and those with menstrual and fertility disorders. (...) It's wonderful, de veritat. I keep the port all day, even to sleep."

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu

I want to be a Happy Belly ambassador

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