Happy Belly Barcelona

Fashion accessories inspired by healthy traditions for a conscious life.
Our star product is haramaki


The intimate comfort of a hug

Haramaki is the latest trend in health fashion: a soft-touch fabric band that collects body heat and prevents sudden changes in temperature, providing a pleasant hugging sensation. When you wear a haramaki around your waist, blood circulation increases where the main organs are located, benefiting their functioning and transmitting a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

At Happy Belly Barcelona we have recovered the haramaki from the ancestral Japanese tradition and we have given it our Mediterranean touch, adapting the pattern, fabrics and colors.

You can wear your haramaki while working, playing sports, sleeping or enjoying a moment of calm at home... it will take care of you day and night!

More Happy Belly products

Beauty and health come together in fashion accessories that embrace you.
Original and sustainable, the turbans and mittens combine perfectly with our haramakis. Natural organic fabrics, very pleasant in contact with the skin to make our motto a reality: life is a hug.

Let every step add up to something positive!

Organic fabrics

Our cotton, bamboo and wool are organic, from European suppliers and ethically produced, supported by the GOTS certificate.

Non-toxic dyes

The Oeko-tex seal guarantees toxic-free dyes to minimize the environmental impact of each garment wash.

Social workshops

We sew in social workshops in Barcelona where they train groups at risk of exclusion.

Social economy

We promote a local and supportive economy by working with local suppliers.

Zero plastics

Our packaging can be recycled or reused after use and we avoid textile waste by creating new products.


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