When we went out to do the haramaki Tricot photo session, it caused a sensation among the people who passed by and saw how well they look with our everyday outfits . How many times have you dressed up and thought that something was missing from your look ? Maybe you could try a haramaki.

And it is that at Happy Belly Barcelona we believe that the saying "to show off you have to suffer" has become obsolete and today the correct statement is that "to show off, you have to feel good inside and out" introducing the concept of healthy fashion . Because haramaki goes with practically everything and is an ideal fashion accessory due to its fantastic aesthetic and healthy qualities.

Beyond the health benefits that we already know, when we want to show off our haramaki on the outside we can combine it with contrasting or range colors or prints. What aesthetic qualities does it bring us and are worth exploring? To begin with, we can highlight that it stylizes the figure, harmonizing all the parts of our body. If we use a more opaque color haramaki and in tune with the rest of the clothes we wear, it will give us a more serious and calm image to go, for example, to the office. If, on the other hand, we use more striking colors or patterns, we will bring to our look a closer, more casual and fun image. There are thousands of possible combinations of wearing the haramaki: inside the pants or skirt, peeking out from under the T-shirt or jumper, over a shirt dress, over yoga leggings... Open your closet and start to explore all the possibilities!

Here are some examples of how to combine it, they are outfit ideas to dress your haramaki on different occasions:

  • To go to work, you can use more neutral colors such as gray or black if you work in an office; white, pink or mint green if you work in the health field, and those in bright colors such as red or striped, if you work with children or in a gym.
  • To do yoga, the haramaki picks up our shirt in inverted postures and prevents us from getting cold in relaxation or meditation when leaving the practice.
  • We especially recommend the extra-long model for sleeping, for example the basic white or light gray , ideal as a complement to underwear.
  • For the rest of daily activities, choose the color that best represents you!

Adding a haramaki to your wardrobe will give your image a personal and unique touch, and we are sure that in a few years, the haramaki will become a fundamental piece in our wardrobe.

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