Since the beginning, at Happy Belly Barcelona we have woven a story that fuses well-being and design to create fashion accessories inspired by healthy traditions . That is why we redesign garments that provide quality of life, giving them a new look, in line with a local way of producing, respectful of people and the environment.


Combining style and health

On this occasion, we present you an accessory that adds color and vitality to the face and that can also be a good ally in daily comfort: the turban. For us, this accessory is the representation that fashion not only cares about how you look , but also how you feel . The turban adds an original touch to your look but is also an intimate support in delicate situations, especially during hair loss processes.


A turban for every occasion

The surprising thing about urban t- shirts is how well they combine. They quickly adapt to your style, providing that different touch that challenges any stereotype or preconceived idea you may have: yes, turbans are very flattering and go with everything!

This season we have expanded the range of colors and models. You can choose 100% organic cotton turbans in a single color such as deep purple, warm orange or lime green from the Holi collection, inspired by the vibrant colors of the Indian festival .

Or the more neutral options of reversible turbans that combine two colors to give them a double use, depending on the occasion or the outfit .

If you are looking for an option that protects you during a hair loss process, the best option is the oncological turban with a soft layer of organic bamboo inside.



Protecting the scalp

When we talk about hair health, we are not only referring to the aesthetics or appearance of the hair . The scalp is the foundation that we must take care of, that is why we choose organic fabrics certified by the GOTS seal and thus we prioritize your comfort and respect for the environment.

In hair loss situations, such as chemotherapy medical treatment , the scalp is suddenly exposed to the environment. It is a very sensitive and sometimes fragile layer of skin. Our bamboo turbans fulfill a double function : on the one hand, they protect the scalp against friction from clothing (for example, sheets and pillowcases during sleep) or against external agents , such as cold or drafts. of air; They regulate temperature, allow breathability, and offer an extra layer of protection that provides relief and comfort.

On the other hand, turbans highlight the beauty of the face and feed self-esteem at times where hair loss is an inevitable side effect. Taking care of yourself in a conscious way is not at odds with dressing in an original and cheerful way.



Let it surprise you!

We invite you to add a healthy fashion complement to your lifestyle. Try a Happy Belly turban, an original way to complete your look that also takes care of and empowers you .

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