We are on the verge of the Christmas holidays, that time of year when we seek to surprise our loved ones with the perfect gift. If you want something special, sustainable and that transmits warmth, you are in the right place! At Happy Belly Barcelona, ​​we promote well-being with all our products: haramakis, mittens, turbans and more!

If you need inspiration, below we tell you how to choose the best gift for each type of person.

Haramaki, the most original healthy option.

Inspired by Japanese tradition, our haramakis are the essence of comfort. If you're wondering who this could be the perfect gift for? The answer is easy: for everyone! From yoga and bike ride enthusiasts to expectant mothers or children, haramakis are a good choice for all bodies and ages. The soft organic cotton fabric not only keeps the core of the body warm, but offers numerous health benefits by preventing sudden changes in temperature. Imagine giving the feeling of a constant hug. With a haramaki you will undoubtedly surprise them!

Mittens, for cold people who don't stand still

If you are looking for a practical and chic gift , our mittens are the ideal option. They reach halfway up the forearm, leaving the fingers free to dress with that elegant touch without losing freedom of movement. In addition to being a fashion accessory, mittens are also a relief for those who suffer from joint pain in their hands and wrists. Do you know someone who works manually and is prone to the cold? These mittens will become your inseparable companions!

new happy belly orange mittens

Turbans, style and support all in one

Our turbans are much more than a fashion accessory. Thanks to their bamboo and organic cotton fabric, they are very comforting for people facing hair loss due to medical treatment or alopecia. They delicately protect against cold and wind and also add a unique touch to your daily style. Why not surprise someone with a gift that is flattering and offers extra support?

new purple happy belly turbans

Plain, printed or reversible, personalize your gifts!

At Happy Belly Barcelona we know that each person is unique and their gifts should be too! Our products offer comfort and well-being and allow personal expression through a wide range of colors, prints and reversible options. From classic shades of basics to vibrant options like the Holi collection, you're sure to find something to suit everyone.


If you are looking for just a small detail or inspiration for the invisible friend, we have options too! For example, eye seed bags relieve facial tension and add an extra touch of relaxation to your daily self-care routine. Our practical and cheerful tote bags , the perfect companions for everyday chores. Or the "Life is a Hug" t-shirt, a statement of optimism that reminds us to embrace life with love.

Gifts with conscience

Give the gift of comfort and style while also collaborating with a sustainable, local and socially conscious project. Because at Happy Belly Barcelona we sew in social workshops to train women at risk of exclusion, we use certified organic fabrics, toxic-free dyes and we look for environmentally friendly packaging that can be reused or recycled.

A haramaki for the yoga-loving friend, some mittens for the cold companion or a turban for that special person, our products will surprise them and will make these cold winter days warmer and more comfortable.

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