Today we want to talk to you about the benefits of using Haramaki in the practice of yoga. The pleasant sensation of a soft and warm hug and the extra security and comfort that the haramaki transmits will allow you to enjoy your yoga, pilates or meditation practice to the fullest.

As we are only experts in Haramakis, we like to give a voice to the professionals who use it in their daily work and to know their feelings. Today we have the opinion of Noemí, a rural yoga teacher at
This is his experience:

haramaki i yoga

The first cop that will speak to me about l'haramaki will be one of the youngest students. The new reaction is going to be a mix between surprise, intrigue and desire to know-ne més. And it is that he has followed a discovery. Now I don't know what she would do.

Since always I have patit molt of the lumbars, but from then on, that tinc l'haramaki has made a break and a després.

Doncs be, in case you don't know, the haramaki can be served during yoga and meditation practice, as it scalps and protects the lower back from possible stretches or muscle injuries. Regardless of the style of yoga you practice, haramaki can be a great alias.

How do I use the haramaki during my practice?

Doncs normally I landed first thing in the morning before starting the best practice of yoga or strength training, because it is when I have the most fred after the night, and face is not prepared for all the postures, especially the overture and the extension of the scene. Since he can serve, I have been able to arrive there more in the morning practice, because the lumbar muscles are not resenten and continue to be warm before, during and after the practice.

Tanmateix, when I do yoga in the afternoon, I also use it, tot i have the lumbars more poached than the matí, so that it is not refredin and get the poacher to continue in this area. In this way the puc treballar from the respect and the openings and extension is more pleasant fans. Treballes des de l'amor i respecte cap al teu cos, sobretot cap a la zona lumbar.

In addition, during the meditations, it can also be used, since the lumbars and the leggings have to maintain an intense, assured posture during many moments. I utilitzant l'haramaki aconsegueixo keep these hottest, strongest and most resistant areas.

The truth is that it has become one of the most basic when it comes to practicing yoga and meditation during the coldest months.

Finally, I consider that the lower back with the malucs are a very important area to not protect it from fred and muscle strains.

I highly encourage you to try your practice of yoga and meditation with the haramaki, and start from the scalp and the respective cap to yourselves, not us penedireu.


Noemi Vidal Iglesias
yoga teacher | country yoga

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