Wearing a haramaki is like wearing a hug, but do you know why we need to keep our core warm?

Next, we will tell you why it is good for digestion to keep the abdomen at a good temperature and how wearing one of our haramaki can be a simple -but very effective- way to take care of yourself.

For what reason can the use of haramaki help improve digestion?

When your belly is warm, blood flow in the digestive organs increases, helping to stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and thus promote better digestion.

The heat provided by the haramaki helps not only to stimulate circulation in the entire area but also to relax the abdominal muscles, which helps to alleviate stomach discomfort.

For this reason, many digestive health therapists recommend the use of haramaki -along with changes in eating habits- to help those patients who suffer from difficult or slow digestion.

But in addition, the haramaki has these other wonderful additional effects:
  • Stress reduction: does it not happen to you that when the body is cold, the muscles tense and feelings of stress and anxiety appear? Haramaki helps regulate body temperature and provide a comforting sensation, which translates into calm and relaxation.
  • Boosts the immune system: Studies suggest that keeping your belly warm can also help boost your body's defenses, as warm temperatures increase the activity of cells that fight infection. The heat provided by the haramaki can help activate those immune cells and is especially helpful during the cold months and seasonal changes, when there is a higher risk of catching a cold or flu*.
  • Improves sleep quality: If warm temperatures can help promote relaxation, wearing a haramaki regulates body temperature and thus improves sleep quality and keeps you comfortable throughout the night.

In our store you will find several types of haramaki thought and designed for different needs or preferences:

  • The cotton haramaki is the best seller and is made with a double layer of organic cotton, very soft and breathable. It is available in solid or patterned colours, making it a very versatile option for everyday wear.
  • The haramaki tricot, made with organic cotton yarn and cashmere wool, is the thickest model designed to be worn as an outer layer and provide extra warmth during the autumn and winter months.
  • The special pregnancy haramaki is specifically designed for pregnant women. This haramaki provides warmth and warmth to the growing belly, relieves discomfort in the lower back and promotes better circulation during pregnancy and recovery after childbirth.

Discover more benefits of using haramaki related to women's health on our blog in our interviews with experts: Marta León “Haramaki and menstruation” and Gina Oller “Haramaki and fertility”.

* If you think about it for a moment, with the exception of the heart and lungs, the rest of our vital organs are located right in the center of the body: stomach, large and small intestine, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, ovaries... hence In many Eastern traditions, the center of the body is considered the center of vital energy.

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