What is a Haramaki

Japanese tradition

The origins of the haramaki can be traced back the Shinto rituals of the Japanese Empire.

When a soldier was about to go to war, the women in his family and from the village gave him a senninbari, or belt. They all contributed a stitch until “the belt of 1,000 stitches” had been completed. The senninbari kept the soldier warm while serving as a talisman to ward off the dangers of battle.

The word ‘Hara-Maki’ comes from the Japanese: the hara is the central part of the body (the abdomen) and maki means wrap or to wrap up.

The haramaki is an original fashion accessory that can be worn 24 hours a day and goes with all kinds of clothing while bringing countless health benefits.

The benefits of the haramaki

We’ll tell you about five of them but… there are lots more!

When you wear a haramaki it boosts blood circulation in the core of your body. Just where your main internal organs are located, warming you up while giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Benefit of the haramaki: Warmer. Protects from the cold.


Protects from the cold. Keeps your midriff and lower back warm

Benefit of the haramaki: Health. Boosts the immune system.


Boosts the immune system
Benefit of the haramaki: Hug. Security and self-assurance


Gives a feeling of security and self-assurance
Benefit of the haramaki: Fun. Original fashion accessory


A little-known original fashion accessory

Benefit of the haramaki: Sustainable. Positive impact on people and the environment


Has a positive impact on people and the environment

Wearing a Happy Belly haramaki means adopting a new and original fashion accessory that has great health benefits. The perfect gift to pamper yourself and your loved ones.

Haramaki history. Japanese Tradition

“My friend Yoshiko, the wife of Steve, a Japanese acupuncturist, had told me about haramakis and mentioned she was surprised Western women didn’t wear them as nearly all the women in Japan wore them in summer and winter. She told me it was very important, particularly for women, to always keep the area of the lower belly and the small of the back warm.”

– Nathalie

With your haramaki all day long

You can wear your haramaki throughout the day!

While you’re working, doing sport, to sleep in, while meditating or enjoying some down time at home

Wearing the haramaki while you work, to sleep, at home, if it is cold, during pregnancy or lactation, practicing yoga or meditation, ...


Harness your body heat and get your circulation going and avoid sudden changes in temperatures and colds.


 If you have backache and stomach ache: during your period, to aid digestion after a heavy meal, flu, lumbago, fatigue…


Stops your lower back and stomach being exposed to the air: ideal for yoga, dancing, hiking and cycling.


So you won’t catch a chill if your bedsheets slip off! The haramaki will protect your lower back from the cold and give you a better night’s sleep.


Covers your tummy and won’t ride up as your baby bump gets bigger. They’re perfect for breastfeeding too!

How to put on the haramaki

How to put on the haramaki: three steps

The Happy Belly haramaki is a reversible and elasticated garment with no buttons, snap fasteners or zips. You pull the haramaki on over your feet with the narrowest part at the top, making sure your midriff, kidneys and small of the back are covered. The organic cotton fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

All our collections are small and sewn at workshops committed to providing job opportunities for womenEach haramaki is handmade and hand finished, embracing the slow fashion ethos of environmentally aware, ethical and comfortable clothing.

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