Breastfeeding is a wonderful time, a unique learning and connection process. That is why it is important to do it with maximum comfort and in this adventure the haramaki can be of great help.

Below we leave you the words of the Dr. Anna Vaneysan lactation expert family doctor:

“Breastfeeding is achieved thanks to the combined effect of two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. While prolactin is produced in response to the sucking reflex or nipple irritation, oxytocin -also called the 'maternity hormone' or even the 'love hormone'- has a much more complex mechanism of action.

Oxytocin levels rise when mother and baby are together, when they kiss, when they have skin-to-skin contact, even when the mother looks at pictures of the baby! And they decrease when she is stressed or tired. Some studies show that chilling of the mother, fluctuations in ambient temperature or drafts of cold air can cause the interruption of the oxytocin reflex, which in turn causes painful contraction of the ducts and in some cases, the spasm and edema in the chest, creating conditions that favor lactostasis.

In this sense, I advise nursing mothers to dress not only according to the temperature of the environment, but also to have blankets or jackets on hand to cover themselves during the feeding process. That's why I think haramaki is a great solution for modern mothers who lead an active life and breastfeed outside the home. They can keep constant heat wherever they go, avoiding the cold on the abdomen and back, when putting on clothes.

In addition to favoring the physical conditions for good breastfeeding, with the haramaki we feel extra confidence and security, letting its warm embrace accompany us throughout the day.

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

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