Maternity is a transcendental stage for women. His body and his being open in channel to create life. They need hugs, they need specific care.

Today I want to talk to you about haramaki. I have discovered it thanks to Happy Nelly Barcelona and I can affirm that it is a great ally in maternity. As a lactation professional, I recommend haramaki as a basic, also postpartum, regardless of the lactation that the woman decides.

By Paula Garcia Otero

the haramaki helps to enhance blood supply to the abdominal and lumbar area without exerting pressure, providing a warm embrace to that vulnerable area in the immediate postpartum period. After childbirth, the abdominal area undergoes diastasis and a lack of support and discomfort can be noted. The haramaki comforts and provides a very pleasant feeling of well-being.

In addition, it is a great ally in breastfeeding inside and outside the home.
Due to the demand to the chest, women spend many hours lactating and the lower back suffers a lot, the use of haramaki provides a better immune response, relieves discomfort and fatigue produced by all these postural changes.

Sometimes there are no specific clothes for breastfeeding and looking for the right garment in the closet becomes somewhat tedious since if we are about to leave the house we will find ourselves in the position of having to show half of our torso and getting cold.

Personally, I know that unpleasant feeling of having to find a little corner where my lower back doesn't suffer from the current in order to feed my baby. With the haramaki you will be able to lift the garment maintaining the heat and well-being of the lower back, with the comfort and security that it provides you not to leave your abdomen in sight.

At home it is also essential, especially at night, keeping the abdominal area at a stable temperature favors rest. I love nursing my baby lying in bed, relaxing and enjoying the moment. When I lifted my clothes to breastfeed, I felt that I had not fully relaxed, I remember the nights when I waited for the feeding to finish to cover myself and try to get warm again, if I fell asleep I would catch the cold and wake up with discomfort. With the haramaki on at night, my lower back is protected, I don't get cold and the best thing is that I can relax and feel how the feeding flows, getting rest and enjoying breastfeeding with my baby to the fullest.

These cares are very important to maintain well-being and help provide more pleasant sensations around breastfeeding.

That is why I can recommend the use of haramaki to all those women who are going through maternity, encouraging them to try the benefits that this sustainable garment brings to their health. I would have loved to know the experience with haramaki in my previous lactations, it has undoubtedly had a very positive impact on this one and I will surely continue using it in my day to day.

Article written by Paula García Otero
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