“I absolutely love my haramaki! I really like the material it’s made of and the pattern and colours are really nice. When I can’t find any clothes in my wardrobe that it goes with, I just think you should hurry up and make some more designs!

I would recommend it to the whole world. It gives you that ‘hygge’ feeling in your lower back which I love. I am delighted with my haramaki


“I didn’t know about the haramaki until the day I was given one. Since then, I haven’t been able to do without it, especially on cold days, while I’m sleeping (nobody can get it off me!), for meditating and even when I’m having my period. It ‘envelops’ my tummy and lower back like a warm hug, comforting me and giving me a sense of well-being I really enjoy. And I love its soft texture! I’ve gone from not knowing what a haramaki was to recommending it to my family, friends and anyone who’s interested in trying it out.
Thank you for these happy moments!”



“Creo que si bien en nuestra cultura se ha perdido, en otras culturas siempre se habló del vientre como ‘si fuera una olla en la cual debíamos mantener la temperatura ideal para que aquello que cocináramos saliese delicioso’.
La medicina Ayurveda también cita la importancia de un útero que no esté frio, para mantener los órganos reproductivos sanos y tener mayores probabilidades de procrear. En la medicina china también se menciona su importancia. Cuando esta zona de nuestro cuerpo no pierde su temperatura, el resto del cuerpo se encuentra sin calor ni frío, es decir, en su estado ideal. A su vez los órganos trabajan adecuadamente. Sin hacer sobre esfuerzos.
¡Haramaki antes, durante y después del embarazo, para mi es esencial!
Mi sensación personal: es como si estuviese arropando mi bebé y brindándole un espacio seguro.”


“Desde que utilicé por primera vez el haramaki en mis sesiones de Shiatsu, se ha convertido en una pieza imprescindible. El haramaki te da un soporte en esta parte del cuerpo, que es como una protección y la refuerza, cosa que te permite una mejor calidad de trabajo. Lo recomendaría a mis pacientes en situaciones de: Estrés, Liberar cargas tensionales, tanto corporales como a consecuencia de cargas emocionales, Darle espacio al cuerpo para liberar, Ansiedad, Necesidad de encontrar un momento para uno mismo.”

Josep Duran. Terapeuta Shiatsu, Sitges

Haramaki, well-being & shiatsu
Foto Happy User

“The Haramaki has become a must-have item for me, especially when I’m ovulating or menstruating. It gives me relief and eases the pain, as well as giving me that comforting, warm feeling on cold days. It’d make the perfect Christmas gift!!


“Es precioso el haramaki.
Me ha llegado hoy y no me lo he quitado en todo el día.
Lo estoy recomendando a todo el mundo. Os pediré otro 🙂



“I wear it because it’s nice and comforting, particularly on the coldest days. It’s great to wear during the menstrual cycle, before and during my periods. Because it’s so comfortable, the haramaki can be a great help during pregnancy, after giving birth and while breastfeeding. I wear it when I’m relaxing at home, to sleep in if it’s cold, during exercise – I even wear it when I’m doing pilates or hiking.
It makes me feel like I’m pampering myself and gives me sensations of well-being and cosiness. Plus it looks good too!


“I’ll tell you about my experience with haramakis: to begin with my friend Yoshiko, the wife of Steve, a Japanese acupuncturist, had told me about them and mentioned she was surprised Western women didn’t wear them as nearly all the women in Japan wore them in summer and winter. She told me it was very important, particularly for women, to always keep the area of the lower belly and the small of the back warm.

I remember thinking it was true. This area of my body always felt colder – and still does – than the rest of my body, and, for people like myself who aren’t always so attuned to these sensations, a little uncomfortable..

I really like the Happy Belly brand of haramakis, primarily because of their texture: soft, lovely to touch and stretchy. They create a delightful feeling of comfort and localised warmth I hadn’t experienced before and I got used to it straight away. What’s more, it soon became an addiction and now I can’t do without this accessory that provides such a feeling of well-being.

Also, your designs are bang on trend, adapted to our culture, giving us a fashionable look. And to top it all, I love the fact they’re made with sustainable materials by women at risk of social exclusion.

I’d recommend these haramakis to women of all ages and I think once they’ve tried one, it’ll become an essential item.”


“I’ve used a haramaki on cold days, even at night, because of the lovely feeling I get in my tummy when its covered and given light support. I’ve also worn it with other items of clothing to enhance my look.”



“I wear it a lot in winter to sleep in. I used to get very cold when my T-shirt would ride up during the night while I was asleep, but I’m never cold when I wear my haramaki. It feels very comfortable against my skin and doesn’t make me sweat. I also use it in winter and at the start of spring in the mornings for yoga so I don’t feel uncomfortable when my T-shirt rides up while I’m doing inversion poses.”


“Of course, I wear my haramaki to do yoga, but not just for yoga: I wear it during the winter months, especially while sleeping as it gives me a feeling of well-being I really enjoy. The warmth it generates in the one area spreads throughout my whole body. It’s also great worn when I’m having my period as it relieves the sensation of kidney pain.

It’s become a must-wear item of clothing, so much so that if for some reason I ever forget to put it on, I really miss it!!”


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