About us

At Happy Belly Barcelona we recover ancestral traditions linked to people’s health and well-being and update them with a cosmopolitan design.

We are a sustainable fashion brand born in 2019 from the discovery of haramaki.

Our focus: healthy fashion.

We design haramakis and fashion accessories that promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, looking for a production that has a positive impact on people and the environment. We know that every action counts and from the beginning we have aim Happy Belly Barcelona to be sustainable in all its facets: social, environmental and economic.

Social & Local economy

We fight the fast fashion industry (a practice that has unfortunately become extremely widespread and allows consumers to buy clothing made at a very low cost in dreadful working conditions). We can do our bit by restoring dignity to the craft of tailoring and dressmaking, by producing ethically so that not only benefits those who make it possible, but also avoids the negative impact on the environment caused by transporting goods from far-off places.

We make our haramakis at socially aware workshops that train women at risk of social exclusion and provide them with a profession that will help them rebuild their lives. We are also committed to female entrepreneurship projects in Barcelona and the province.

The rest of the collaborators and suppliers that make Happy Belly Barcelona possible are also local because we believe that promoting the local economy is the future.


We set out to ensure our materials and fabrics are environmentally friendly. We use certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex dyes to keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum during the manufacture and subsequent washing of the garment.

We try to follow a zero-plastics policy for packaging at the shop and shipping, and do our utmost to ensure the materials can be easily recycled or widely reused.

Our values

  • We believe that loving yourself and taking care of yourself are the best ways of staying fit and healthy.
  • We enjoy beauty and good design and believe it should be useful.
  • We are committed to quality, networking and local synergies.
  • We fight for sustainable production and consumer awareness.
  • We love things that are original and different if they’re authentic and honest.

Conscious fashion

GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard
Sewing Workshop
Economia solidaria. Solidarity economy

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